Getting quick reports on users’ devices in SCCM can become time consuming. I have come up with a simple PowerShell script to get the OS versions of a list of users’ devices. This code will output the information to a text file in a table format that is easy to read. The script can handle up to 2 different domains that have been discovered by SCCM.

1. The CSV

To use this script, the CSV must have a heading titled User. Then below the header, type in the SAM Account Name of each user that needs to be reported on.

2. The Script

The only editing that needs done in the script are to the variables listed at the top. Swap out the variable to fit your environment. After adjusting the variables, run the script on an SCCM management server.

3. Output

Once the script has ran, it will output a text file in the specified location with a table that looks like this: